This little meditation 16 page booklet was created by me over a few years time when I found myself needing to be away from all the noise of the world, to ground my self and to be with my self.

May it comfort you and inspire you to be with your self more often too.

To have the most beneficial experience please fully read the following guide:

  1. Print out your mindful book once you receive the pdf.
  2. Find a quiet place to sit.
  3. Take a moment to settle in.
  4. Make your self very comfortable before you open your book.
  5. Imagine your self in a very peaceful place.
  6. Set an intention to bring more peace to a particular situation.
  7. Begin to experience your book.
  8. Enjoy each moment with it.I warmly invite you to email me directly on the contact page if you would like to share your experience with the booklet.

    A Book For Being Your Self

    A downloadable, printable version of this little booklet will be sent to your inbox. We would love to hear your experience with it. Enjoy!