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‘The experience I had online with transformative mindfulness was wonderful. I have done this in front of others (in a group) and also one-on-one and it has always brought me a sense of new-found lightness. I was unsure of online and was hesitant but was remarkably surprised how much more intense it was being in my own private space. It allowed me to go deeper into my soul than ever before.  It allowed more honesty and vulnerability. I can not recommend enough how transformative mindfulness has changed me. I look forward to more online work for myself and I pray everyone gives this time to open themselves to make the world a better place’. 
                                                                                                                               N.C. Burlington, ON
‘Thank you so much for sharing these amazing Transformative Mindfulness Methods practices with me and others around the world. They have been a grounding force in my life since I was introduced to them by Dekyi Lee almost 15 years ago. They have helped me make some of the most difficult and important decisions in my life, inspired me to become an artist and writer and helped me find a language to bridge the gap between my mind and body to better understand myself. It has helped me heal chronic migraines and pain I had from the stress of my business as well as deal with grief from the loss of my brother to cancer.
This work is invaluable in a family system, not only for myself, it has also saved my relationship with my husband and made it much stronger. I have used these practices with my children in challenging situations they have gone through as well as with my parents in their ill health.
I appreciate the calmness,  deep compassion and patience you bring to each session. The pace you go at works well for me and I learn so much through all the examples and stories you share. I also appreciate how you bring practical and specific applications to the exercises to apply in our life’.
                                                                                                                                         E.B. Mono, ON
‘A 2-day adventure of exploration on what holds you back and experiencing the transformation to move forward with this powerful tool’.
                                                                                                                              L.D. Waterdown, ON
TMM is simple and life-changing. I know more about myself and have gained priceless tools in connecting, guiding and healing. TMM is an excellent technique for looking at yourself when life feels stuck or stagnant.
                                                                                           Brant L. Ottawa, ON
 Thank You